Damion Crowford is not amused by the PNP loss … Michael Manley’s legacy betrayed … as Crisis Deepens in the PNP


Damion Crawford speaks his mind:

“The PNP has become a set of individuals only seeking political power. It has moved away from its core values. Michael Manley would have been ashamed of the PNP as his legacy has been betrayed in so much that the JLP sounds like the PNP. The party is in a free for all as each man is for himself. I made a report of low crowd support at the beginning of the campaign but no body paid it any mind.” Continuing Crawford said: The General Secretary Paul Burke would have taken the decision to attack Holness house and not to debate. Lack of a debate was a factor . It was like a sound clash if you do not turn up you would have lost. The house was built over 3 years ago.


Peter Phillips

Crawford disagreed with Phillips that the IMF programme was responsible for the PNP loss. “The PNP lost its way … I cannot recognize what the PNP has become … this was not the party that I joined … that attracted me … The JLP got 8000 more votes than PNP.” Regarding the tax relief “Anything is possible in politics … Andrew is caught in a difficult position. What are the net outcomes. They can find the space to give back $18000. The expectation is the PNP is the intellectual party and to not debate was a let down. The (Holness) house campaign gave the impression we ( PNP) had no campaign.” Giving back to the worker is a Manley thing.

Former State Minister in the Tourism Ministry was speaking in a no holds barred interview monitored by Vision SIC.


Vision has long reported that the PNP is shell shocked since the election loss. As Dr. Peter Phillips has stated the PNP did not see the loss to the JLP coming.

We were the only media that called the election for the JLP … we saw the trend and read it right. I dare say our credibility has been given a boost.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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