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Dancehall Artist Yaksta Celebrates Dedicated Fathers with New Track “Father’s Day”

Kingston, Jamaica – Dancehall artist Yaksta has released a heartfelt new track titled “Father’s Day,” addressing the challenges and sacrifices of dedicated fathers. The song, released just before Father’s Day, aims to shed light on the often-overlooked efforts of fathers who strive to do right by their children.

Yaksta’s motivation for creating this song is deeply personal. “The reason why I do a song like this is just fi show appreciation fi di father dem who, fathers like mi self who’s not really acknowledged most times on days like these. You know it’s not a world renowned practice when it comes on to appreciating father. Just a show homage to the trying fathers,” he explained.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Yaksta opens up about the complexities of co-parenting and the challenges posed by misunderstandings with his children’s mother. He acknowledges these issues as best resolved privately between mature individuals. Despite his father being active but not present in his life, Yaksta holds no grudges, emphasizing the importance of focusing on his role as a father now.

Balancing his career as an artist with his responsibilities as a father has been demanding. “Well I’m an exceptional father but being an artist takes away me from being there all the time. So I would say I’m a father, a dad but sometimes my parenting slacks off due to circumstances of always being on the road,” he admits.

“Father’s Day” is produced by ZJ West from Yo West Productions and Chambah Music. ZJ West highlights that the song speaks to fathers who, despite financial struggles, make daily efforts to be present in their children’s lives, such as taking them to school on a bicycle. “The poor man who maybe can’t afford to give child support this month but he will carry his child to school on his bicycle daily, that’s who this song speaks to and for,” ZJ West said.

Yaksta encourages all fathers to persist through the trials of fatherhood and to take their responsibilities seriously. He calls out to men who might be neglecting their duties, urging them to mature and prioritize their children’s well-being. “I don’t think there’s stupid fathers. I just think they’re immature and immature people normally do stupid things that we deem not so worthy but my advice is mind yuh pickney. Tek care a yuh youth. A one chance we get pon dis so mek it be di best.”

“Father’s Day” is not just a song but a heartfelt tribute to the trying fathers, serving as a reminder of the significance of their role in their children’s lives and the need for greater appreciation and recognition of their efforts.

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