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Dancehall Star Mr Easy Release New Single Privacy

New York, New York July 20, 2017. Dancehall star Mr Easy has returned with a single titled ‘Privacy’, currently heating up the airwaves, social media and the nightlife. With a career spanning over 15 years it is no surprise that Mr. Easy’s ability to reconnect with fans of all ages would occur again in 2017.
Known for smash hits like ‘Drive Me Crazy’, Mr Easy always have a way to appeal to females with his melodic vocal ability and knowledge of what’s going on in the dancehall. ‘Privacy‘, which has recently been featured on popular social media networks The Shaderoom and World Star Hip Hop, is garnering attraction from all over the world due to the impact it has on patrons in the clubs.
“The single not only speaks to me but it is so relatable because not all females want their relationship public nowadays.  We don’t necessarily want to follow the trend of putting everything out there on social media for the world to see, we love we privacy”says Natasha Pinnock of Brockton, MA.
“It was all natural, it was nothing planned but the rhythm spoke to me and naturally this is what came to mind. It was a sexy track and immediately what came to mind was ‘Privacy‘ I started writing and the rest was history” says Mr Easy.
Produced by Hotta Ball, the rhythm is definitely infectious and get the ladies moving immediately.
Currently receiving spins on WEDR-99Jamz, Hot97, Jamn945, WJMN, just to name a few it is clear that Privacy is on a path to being Mr Easy, next smash single


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