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Debut Single “The Love We Need” Released Today In Honor Of International Women’s Day

New Rap Song Written by Two Black Male Teenagers to Celebrate Women’s Value and Equality in Society

DALLAS and RALEIGH, N.C.March 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The debut single “The Love We Need” from emerging rap artist K!AM and producer SoundsLikeSticky, is released today in a lyric video on YouTube as an anthem for International Women’s Day. The new song is a heartfelt tribute to women and encourages boys and men to love, honor and actively support the women in their lives.

“Now more than ever, we need a song like this that celebrates women,” said Tara Jaye Frank, women’s leadership speaker, author, co-publisher and mother of K!AM. “In a time when women are still fighting for equal respect and opportunity, and when much of the media we consume continues to portray women and girls unfavorably, two male Black teenagers have come together to create an inspiring counter-narrative.”

“The Love We Need” single also speaks to toxic masculinity in the lyrics, “And though we’re too prideful most of the time, we’ve got to stop pretending/act like we don’t ever care.”

“This song comes from the minds and voices of a demographic least expected, by some, to promote a message that values women,” said D. Keith Pigues, CEO, marketing expert, author, co-publisher and father of SoundsLikeSticky. “It’s encouraging to see these young men not only expressing their creativity and passion for music, but doing so in a way that uplifts others.”

“The Love We Need” single also is being recognized by women’s leadership groups across the nation. “This song is a timely message about the critical role male allies play in creating positive change and breaking down the entrenched behaviors and societal barriers that are preventing gender equality,” said Sarah Alter, president and CEO of Network of Executive Women.

Check out “The Love We Need” video/lyrics on YouTube:

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About K!AM – lyrics and vocals
K!AM is a 16 year-old emerging writer and artist with a passion for music and truth-telling. Born in Kansas City, Missouribut currently residing in Dallas, Texas, K!AM draws inspiration from people, places and experiences – translating everyday life and lessons learned into relatable works of art. K!AM is just beginning, but dreams of taking the world by storm with insight beyond his years, a smooth and appealing voice, and a flow that truly breaks through the noise. You can reach K!AM at and follow on Instagram @the_kiam_sound3.

About SoundsLikeSticky – producer

SoundsLikeSticky is a North Carolina-based music producer. His music productions evoke deep emotion for the listeners with heart-thumping bass and intricate melodies. This young artist’s music is emerging as a fresh and unique sound – quickly becoming the distinctive SoundsLikeSticky! Although he specializes in hip-hop and rap music production, his beats are very versatile and can be used over a multitude of genres. You can reach SoundsLikeSticky at and follow on Instagram @SoundsLikeSticky.


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