Denise Daley A Disgrace To Our Political System…Ban Her…

“Those wearing green should be run out of my constituency … I do not like green.” Asked to clarify: ” There are colours you do not like, I don’t like green” She boastfully said inter alia.

Green is the official party colour for the JLP.  Is this inciting violence against Labourites?

The PNP’s MP for St. Catherine, Eastern has disgraced herself. The Opposition PNP MP has brought shame on our cherished political system. Our political system has been an envy of many internationally.  Daley, by her utterances is bringing our political system into disrepute. Shameful indeed!

Empty Headed

Speaking at a rally in West Rural St. Andrew last Sunday, MP Daley failed to engage her brain before moving her tongue. The type of conduct associated with those described as light headed or simply put empty headed.  Miss Daley, a second term MP and former Deputy Mayor of Spanish Town was likely intoxicated with crowd power and constipated with nonsense in her otherwise empty head. She proceeded to blast those who wore green and in the process incite those misguided followers of hers on her hate and disdain for her political opponents …. many of whom may take her seriously and render harm to JLP supporters.


It was a reckless way to speak and is unbecoming of a public official. Daley is a legislator, who at one point sat on up to nine (9) legislative committees including the powerful PAAC which examines into all expenditures in all areas of government. Not a simple under taking, to put it mildly.


I have known Daley from 1989 in Linstead, St. Catherine.  She along with her mother apparently operated a mash down dilapidated shop along King Street possibly #24. Her family appeared to have been very poor but her mother was a dignified woman.  A real credit to womanhood.  Why didn’t Denise emulate her mother’s fine quatities?


Her mother would hang her head in shame to learn that her prized daughter was inciting violence. There is nothing degrading about poverty, I grew up poor also, yet I am proud of the high standard of my values …. I emulated my mother.


The Political Ambudsman Donna Parchment Brown has written to Denise Daley and has summoned her to a meeting.

Dr. Phillips

The Opposition leader still smarting from his recent apology for showing his middle fingers in Parliament last Tuesday has said Ms. Daley will issue a statement of apology.

Denise Daley apologies

Prior to her scheduled meeting with fthe Ambudsman, Ms. Daley has apologized. This is a welcome move.  Why did it take her so long to do si.


The Brandon hill division where Miss Joyce Denise Daley was speaking is a known PNP strong hold. A farming community with many idle PNP activist whom are known to resort to actions of an antisocial nature in the name of politics. So it does not take much prodding to incite them to violence.   Denise should have chosen her words more carefully as she is a very experienced politician, even if empty headed.

Lisa Hanna

I have never associated Denise Daley with tribalism. Guess I was wrong.  Lisa “Jezebel” Hanna has long been described as a “tribalist” by Honorable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, so it could be that this disease has now reached and contaminated Denise Daley…. or is it the other way around? Birds of a feather, eh!


Daley should be banned from local representative politics. Inciting violence is a criminal offense.  Phillips should force her to resign.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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