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February 7, 2018
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Breaking Jamaican News

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett.

Breaking News: Tourism Minister Hon Edmund Bartlett expects, based on historical data, that close to half a million Canadian tourists will visit Jamaica for sun, fun and food this year (2018).

To expect some half a million Tourists is great.

All Inclusive Family Resort in Jamaica

Enhanced Security

They feel safe in Jamaica and with enhanced security in the tourist area of Montego Bay, they know we do care for their comfort and safety.  No travel advisory will keep them away.

Drop In Crime

Crimes against tourist is already extremely low but as a result of the Enhanced Security measures there has been encouraging results. Crime in St. James/Montego Bay is at an all time low. Moving down from 3 or so per day to zero.  Acting Police Commissioner DCP Clifford Blake reports “No reports of homicides in days.” This is an encouraging sign and confirms that the strategies employed by the Holness led administration of Enhanced Security measures are working. We will eventually tame the beast for good. Crime will not be allowed to define who we are as a world class tourist destination appears to be the script being written.


This perspective of the Enhanced Security measures is sweet news to our ears. We knew it was coming.  There are other measures on the ground that speak well .. reports of human rights abuses by security forces in their interaction with citizens, is also at an all time low.  Respect for life and the use of force is being controlled.  The fine results tell the true story.

PM Holness

The PM visited the theatre of Enhanced Security measures and was told by detainees that they were being treated well by the security forces.  The PM was pleased to hear this report. He is chairman of the defense board which has ultimate oversight for the security forces. That is Police, Army and Correctional Services.

Let us join hands to keep Jamaica safe. Guns which are not made in our Island State continue to be shipped here from mainly north America. This illegally exported guns are responsible for 90 percent of homicides in Jamaica.  Gangs shoot at each other to settle disputes and for control of turf. Innocent bystanders could be unfortunately be hurt in the mayhem.  It is a no win for us.

This is as it is here in Jamaica. What is your experience. Let us know.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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