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December 23, 2013
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December 23, 2013

DI takes final Celebrity Face-Off – Redd Heat collects $1,000,000 cheque at Famou


The Magnum All-Star $1,000,000 Celebrity Face-Off ended inside a packed Famous Nightclub, Portmore, St Catherine, last Thursday with DI decisively defeating Stacious in the final celebrity matchup.

It seemed that the heavily touted encounter was the big draw on the night, as the crowd which remained to see Redd Head collect its prize and partake in the after face-off ‘dash out’ was much smaller than that which howled and hooted through the three rounds in which the women lived up to their reputation as the more ferocious of the species.

Still, that did not make the Redd Heat crew any less happy, as they celebrated the oversized representation of many zeroes handed over by Hope McMillan of The Gleaner Company.


two-point victory

Redd Heat had wrapped up the title in the previous week’s encounter with Flava Unit, squeezing out a two-point victory.

There was no money at stake in the face-off between Stacious and DI, but that did not lessen the intensity of their musical battle.

The two took to the stage after a number of performances, among them Alkaline impressing the audience and Major Mackerel taking the house down with squeaks, growls, a potshot at Elephant Man and a couple of the songs with which he made his name in the late 1980s to early 1990s.

The final night judges were Cool Face, Scott Wilson and Richie D.

Stacious won her only round of the night in the opening juggling, making a smashing entrance in a Ninja suit which never looked as good on an actor. She started on a spiritual note, with Psalms 23.

Chronixx welcomed the general and Mavado’s Messiah hit a good note. However, Stacious’ round was soon over, as time was called to her surprise.

DI had gone first in the round, introduced as the uptown downtown gal by host Nuffy, the Rebel singer delight the crowd throughout.

Opening with Peter Tosh’s Creation, DI was soon in dub plate mode, showing that she was well stocked for the encounter.

DI warned from early that “a nuh pretty ting tonight” – and it was not.

There was a “sound killer/Stacious dead an DI a de winner” dub, Jah Cure had his say and the rockers continued with Tarrus Riley’s Beware on dub. However, there were some microphone problems during her set.

Riley also contributed One Drop on dub and DI closed with the query “Stacious a who you try come dis” to close.

The judges all scored it four points for Stacious to three for DI, with the point for crowd response going to the former.

It proved to be Stacious’ only high point for the face-off.

DI started the next round by saying that her opponent was clad in Ninja Man’s ‘wear an’ lef’ and, although her first song in the 45 round fell flat, when she had Kartel “sen’ fi di army”, DI was on a roll. And she closed with the surprise draw of the night, Jimmy Cliff’s Harder They Come, which scored.

Stacious replied by reeling out a scroll, proceeding to read names of many men DI was supposed to have had relationships with – all from the entertainment business – tossing the paper aside when the list got too long.

Bounty Killer’s Lodge was her opening shot, but despite her best efforts, the round was not to be hers.

All the judges awarded DI six points for that 45 round, plus the point for crowd response. Stacious earning five points on two scorecards and four on the third.

It was in the final dub-for-dub round that DI really took the gloves off.

Stacious went first in the killer round, starting on the wrong footing with a dub of Barrington Levy’s Murderer. She would not recover, one of the problems being that the sound quality was not good.

On the other hand, DI was to the point and roused the crowd immediately, living up to her promise “when mi play da one ya, gunshot inna yu marrow.”

There were boos for Stacious’ Bounty dub. In reply DI had Mackerel snarling “unda deh” in combination with KipRich to score heavily.

Although Stacious noted that it was a ‘regular’ tune, as “dem song deh play every week”, the boos started early. And they continued with her Mavado dub.

After DI’s rousing reply, in which the introduction said Stacious was “kinda spacious”, Stacious got more boos for her dub, which was supposed to have sent DI “dung inna hole”.

At this point Cool Face paused the proceedings to appeal to the engineer one more time for better sound.

DI was in her element, putting a leg up on the console assigned to Stacious and rocking to the beat as the dub sank home. The dub matched her bravado, Macka Diamond’s Dye Dye, putting the battle out of contention.

The announcement of the winner of the round and face-off was no surprise, DI scoring seven by all three judges’ reckoning, with two awarding Stacious four points and another five.


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