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January 19, 2021
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Dominica prime minister says Nigerians can access three times as many countries with Dominican passports during The Guardian webinar

Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit

LONDON, Jan. 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – On the occasion of a new webinar hosted by The Guardian Nigeria and CS Global Partners , the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, discussed the benefits of global mobility that reside in a Dominican passport. To date, Dominican passport holders can travel to over 140 destinations around the world. The premier explained that increasing the number of visa-free destinations is a priority for the island and its citizenship by investment service.

He added that as Dominican citizenship  provided access to important business centers in Europe and Asia, global mobility created more business opportunities. He also revealed that negotiations for visa-free access to the People’s Republic of China, a country with which Dominica has close relations, have been delayed due to COVID-19, but are expected to take effect in 2021.

Addressing Nigerian listeners, the prime minister said Nigerians could travel to nearly three times as many (around 200%) countries with a Dominican passport than with a Nigerian passport, and that even countries where you have to apply for a visa, the visa rate is almost twice (100%) higher.

“Nigerian citizens have important advantages in having Dominican citizenship, so we encourage many of them to apply for Dominica’s citizenship by investment program  ,” the prime minister added.

Subsequently, the Prime Minister stressed that the safety of residents and new citizens is also important. According to the 2020 CBI Index  published by the Financial Times’ PWM magazine, Dominica achieved a perfect score in the due diligence category. “[We follow] various levels of security and due diligence. No one surpasses us. In 2021, we will move away from machine-readable passports to biometric passports, which will further increase the security of our passport and our citizenship, ”he said.

Established in 1993, Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program offers two stable ways of accessing citizenship. One is to make a minimum contribution of US $ 100,000 to a  government fund , and the other is to invest at least US $ 200,000 in  pre-approved real estate . Here are the reasons why foreign investors prefer Dominica: application processing takes around three months, affordability, reliability, and lifetime benefits like health care, education, and visa-free travel.

To watch the full webinar, click  here .

SOURCE CS Global Partners

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