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Dominican Republic officials checked US man who joked about Ebola on flight, sent him home

Man Jokes About Having Ebola on Plane

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic _ A U.S. man’s apparent joke about having Ebola quickly brought an end to his trip to the Dominican Republic.

Officials in the country say the man was checked into the infirmary of the airport in the resort city of Punta Cana. After it was determined the passenger didn’t have Ebola, he was put on a plane and sent back to the United States.

Airport Operations Director Walter Zemialkowski declined Friday to release the name of the passenger from the US Airways flight from Philadelphia.

Grupo Punta Cana Vice-President Paola Rainieri said in a radio interview that the man claimed to have Ebola in what was apparently a “joke in bad taste.”

Video taken by passengers showed him being led off the plane Wednesday by officials in haz-mat suits

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