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Drama In West Indies Cricket leadership Elections.

March 29, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |


Lack of Quorum?

Highly Anticipated CWI Presidential Elections Postponed – Nationwide 90FM
The highly anticipated Cricket West Indies presidential show down between incumbent Ricky Skerritt and challenger, Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie has been postponed. Host of the Mason and Guest Show in Barbados, Andrew Mason, says the election was postponed because there were not a quorum.  There was only 8, to the Zoom meeting. The rules call for (9) nine for it to be official.

Behind The Scenes

We understand there are moves being made to disqualify sitting president due to a plan to claim that he breached certain procedural rules.

We hope these moves come to zero.  We have to wait and see.  When webs are spun it is hard to get entangled from same.  This is how a prey is trapped or caught.


Why are we so divisive?  We have predicted anancy-ism. So today’s moves are not a shock to us. We do hope good sense will prevail.  The wonderful game of Cricket is bigger than any of our egos.  This is a gentleman’s game. There is no room for anancy -ism.  Indecency must not be allowed to sabotage good work.  We are enjoying better times under Skerrett’s leadership. Potential combatants or saboteur need to go away quietly.  They want to wreck WI. Cricket again.  Is Dave Cameron behind this?  We hope not.  We have no evidence that he is but was just thinking a loud.


Anywhere there is a potential to get a big payday,  you can expect vultures to hoover.  We just signed potential lucrative media rights contracts.  They known or perceive that a new carcass is likely to fall for the pickings soon. You have a long wait. What a pity!  This is so surreal.

There is no reason for their interest. Is there?  Do educate me otherwise.

Let the nuts continue to plot. God is not asleep. No weapon raised against Skerrett et al will be allowed to succeed.  WI. Cricket deserves the best. This is a new day.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a Cricket enthusiast who relishes decency in public life.  He is a veteran journalist with International exposure.


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