Drummond, who worked with Tyson Gay and US relay team in 2012, gets 8 year doping suspension

By Eddie Pells


DENVER _ Track coach Jon Drummond has received an eight-year doping ban after arbitrators found he possessed, trafficked, administered and assisted in the use and coverup of banned substances.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced the ban Wednesday against the man who was a personal coach for American 100-meter record-holder Tyson Gay and also served as relay coach for the U.S. track team at the London Olympics.

Gay was given a one-year suspension last year for testing positive for banned substances _ a penalty that was reduced because he provided information that led to USADA’s case against Drummond.

Others providing information included American Marshevet Hooker and Kelly-Ann Baptiste of Trinidad and Tobago, both of whom worked with Drummond.

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