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EarthKry’s SURVIVAL Journey, Reggae Vibes, Message and Legacy!

Jamaica, U.S.A –  (MPR Consulting) – After releasing their debut “SURVIVAL” album on June 30th, 2017 to rave reviews from fans and music industry insiders, Phillip Mcfarlane , Kieron Cunningham, Kamardo Blake and  Aldayne Haughton known as self contained reggae band EarthKry’s hit the road for their Summer 2017 Tour taking them across 2 continents.

The album itself is a fine blend of real authentic roots rock reggae from start to finish-as the saying goes ‘its all killers and no fillers’ and shows a high level of maturity in terms of production and #lyrical content. Live instrumentation is in abundance and is a real throwback to the times when bands like the Wailers.” – WorldAReggae

Table turn. Dat tune is a killer. Survival system, move on, wild fire,live good. De album is a boom. Including de EP. Big up Earthkry. Love u brothers to de bone. Rastafari keep de I dem STRONG inna dis ya armaggedion.” – Michael Ocran (fan)

Already after the first listen it’s fully clear that EarthKry, who produced the entire album themselves, exercised quite a bit of quality. That #quality control is well set into motion by the very first tune you’ll hear, “Survival System”. Most likely this tune will catch any roots rock reggae fan’s ears immediately via its beautifully full and rich type of sound and its subsequent message. All in all a nearly perfect choice for an opener in terms of setting the tone for the album, definitely. And there’s much more niceness included on this worthwhile album that keeps you involved throughout.”  – Reggae Vibes

its wicked Album from start to finish” – Robert Flake (fan)
Wild Hare, Chicago – EarthKry Survival Summer 2017 Tour
Humbled and overjoyed by the reception received in Massachusetts and Chicago, EarthKry left their mark on the city by delivering their roots and reggae vibes, message and legacy. “Those 2 first show were filled with Nuff love. Big Respect to the people for great showsWhen Music Hits!
Ain’t no pain!!
” – EarthKry

As the exhilarating and inspiring reggae band continues on their musical odyssey, their next stop will be in Cincinnati, Ohio, and an anticipated stop in New York City on July 16th. While in the big apple, EarthKry will take a few days to visit various media houses and bring their Survival message. The reggae ensemble will then continue on to North Carolina for 3 dates, July 20th, 21st and 22nd, and a July 25th show in Virginia Beach, Virginia before heading to for 2 of Europe’s most poplar festivals, Reggae Jam in Germany and Reggae Geel in Belgium.

Stay social with the band, as more dates will be announced.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. We truly believe that music has the power to heal and unite, and with every show we are more convinced than ever.” – EarthKry
” We chose the title SURVIVAL because all the songs were written by experiences, these are our daily stories. Ours meaning mankind,  it’s that human thread worldwide that give us endurance to make it through financial hardships, personal struggles, health issues, war crisis, abuse, we all survive. From Syria to Chicago, Ukraine to Jamaica, we endure, we survive. We documented our stories while delivering messages of survival through music..” – EarthKry

1. Survival System
2. Philosophy
3. Move On
4. Wake Up and Live
5. Live Good
6. Wild Fire
7. Liberation Time
8. Table Turn
9. New Leaf
10. Do What You Got To Do
11. Praise Jah
12. Keep Dreaming

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EarthKry are one of the most promising reggae bands in the world of reggae to date that have the power to bring reggae music back to mainstream level” – WorldAReggae

EarthKry showcases a classic roots rock reggae sound with live instrumentation, beautiful melodies and conscious lyrics echoing tribulations of everyday life and cries for social change.” – reggaemani

Every now and then we get that amazing feeling of discovering good, fresh music that resonate with the spirit in a matter of seconds. EarthKry recently fell into that bucket,” reggaelizeit

Not often do you come across bands such as EarthKry, but the moment you do, you simply want to hear more!” – JamaicansMusic

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