Education Minister Mitzie Hunter Puts York Region School Board Under Scrutiny

Vision Newspaper
Photo: Parent Charline Grant

Minister Hunter has kept up the pressure on the York Region School Board and we somehow are left with the perception that these problems are like an endemic disease that is possibly cemented in the cultural DNA of Canada’s largest populated Province, Ontario.

Sensitivity Training

We hear about wanton disregard for the views of stakeholders like parents and their negative views of the Board.  The perception is that no amount of “sensitivity training” will make any difference. In short the image emerging is that the system is so broken it is no longer in need of medicine but surgery.

Can Education Minister Hunter dissolve the York Region School Board in the public’s interest?

There are disturbing reports of runaway travel and the perception of endemic racism. For example at least there is one Trustee who is in her 80s and who is under fire for an alleged racist comment.

At least one parent appears to be not amused with recent negative reports coming out of the York Region School Board.

This woman of colour who was seen on CBC TV airing her views, appears to be a frustrated parent.

Education is so important to national development that we cannot take our eyes off this matter. We wonder how the woes will be resolved in the best interest of all the actors?

Let us not forget that the interest of the impressionable little minds we are supposed to be developing … we could scar these children for life.

There is obviously a crisis of trust gripping the York Region School Board and the Trustees cannot be unmindful of this unsatisfactory state of affairs.

We hope in the final analysis good sense will prevail. Are they sensitive enough to seriously take note of public perception or do the Trustees see this as much ado about nothing?

Time will tell … what is your perspective?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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