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Elliven releases video for ‘Mr Big Boss’

Producer turned artiste, Neville ‘Elliven’ Palmer, has released the video for his latest single Mr Big Boss.

The video was directed by DJ X of Xtreme Arts and shot at various locations across The Corporate Area including downtown Kingston and Half-Way Tree, St Andrew.

Mr Big Boss is a song that is based on a true story. It’s about a youth who grew up in the ghetto and struggles to find work to support his family. When he finally finds some meaningful work, he is constantly bossed around and disrespected by the boss,” Elliven explained in a release to the media.

Mr Big Boss was produced by Palmer and released on his NAP Musiq Productions label. He noted that the response to the song has been overwhelming.

As for the concept of the video, he said: “The video speaks for itself. As a born ghetto youth myself, it was intended to show others that I relate to the struggles”.

Elliven is the uncle of reggae singer Da’Ville. He produced Da’Ville’s hit single In Heaven as well as a number of tracks for acts such as Turbulence, Capleton and Sizzla among others. He is well known for the Passion rhythm project.

Elliven considers himself a reggae/dancehall singer who represents music in general but specifically has a preference for lovers rock and roots music.

“I’m bringing an array of difference, style, flavour and positive vibe, passion and respect for the music that was laid out by others before me,” he pointed out.

Even though he’s focusing on his musical career as an artiste, Elliven still finds time to produce projects. He is presently working on a various artistes rhythm compilation which will feature himself, Ky-Enie, Hot Fire and Core, new acts based in the US. He is also working on a follow-up single to Mr Big Boss.

“I’m constantly producing music. That never stops. I’m a songwriter/producer first and I’m planning on releasing my first album in the next few months,” Elliven stated.

– The Jamaica Star

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