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Enterprising Deejay Franq Nitti releases “Slimmaz” a counter tune to Deejay Style X popular dancehall single “My fatty”

Enterprising Deejay Franq Nitti has released a counter tune “Slimmaz” to Deejay Style X popular dancehall single “My fatty” and like his counterpart, the Parodoz Musiq produced Slimmaz has ignited a musical storm in the dancehall.

The rising dancehall artiste, who call Spanish Town his home, shared with Vision that “My Fatty,” and Slimmaz,” has become the most requested and simultaneous played dance track in local dancehalls and, are, a growing sensation on the airwaves.

When a successful song is been played, the selector have to simultaneously draw for the countering track fast to balance the dance. Any time My Fatty a juggle, Slimmaz has to be play next. It’s a fat gal-slim gal thing,” declared Franq Nitti.

The unapologetic hardcore dancehall artiste, who is best known for Even Thou, a successful collaboration with Jah Vinchi, My Gal Yard and Love your ways, however, insisted that the rationale for Slimmaz is to build inclusiveness in the dancehall, and not necessarily to compete with Style X.

Don’t confuse the music with a competition...or at least from Franq Nitti point of view. Parodoz Music is about entertainment, so from we hear the fat gal tune, the team started worked on a counter tune because we can’t left out the slim girls either,” he stated.

The deejay insisted that dancehall have a rich history of counter tunes, including Buju Banton’s “Browning” which was quickly countered by “Black Woman” by the same artiste to appease a different segment of the dancehall.

The deejay also noted that with the massive success of Slimmmaz, a music video has already been shot and released on a number of digital music platforms, including the label’s own

by Horace Fisher

(Vision Newspaper entertainment writer)

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