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Entertainment Perspective: After Six Decades Of The Queen

After Six Decades Of The Queen

We should say “a little prayer” for our beloved soul Aretha Franklin.  A woman of colour who made the human race proud as she showcased her vast talent as a songwriter, performer and vocalist extraordinaire.


For someone of colour to have broken the “colour barrier” so to speak in racist America at that time in fifties and sixties is  scoff at and to have sat at the pinnacle of her craft speaks volumes of the exceptional skills and talents of Queen Aretha Franklin.


I heard a preacher Bishop Dr.  V. T. Williams, of the Jamaica Evangelical Association say that “good wine comes from great vines and great fruit comes from sound root” This view uniquely capsilates Queen Aretha  Franklin’s life.  She owes a lot to her parents, but most of all her father, a renowned preacher.  He moulded her from an early age and in her own words “gave me voice training”.

Illustrious Career

Queen Aretha, although raped at 12 became a mom at a tender age, she never allowed this normally devastating experience to stop her from rising to the top of her game. Aretha turned adversity into opportunity. A truly remarkable life lesson indeed.

As we mourn her loss, yet we celebrate her vast achievements.

We show homage to her vast legacy and deservedly deep respect to her vocal excellence.

Rest in peace Queen Aretha Franklin. May light perpetual shine on her.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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