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December 23, 2015
Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte, a former Magistrate has suggested that the UHWI should write off the fees incurred by mothers who tried to keep their babies alive.
December 23, 2015

Exclusive no holds barred interview with Lady Saw

Lady Saw

LADY SAW Evangelizes to a Prostitutes

The Superstar saw what others failed to see … it was the Vision of a better life, a transforming experience that exceeds all understanding. It is for Saw cause to drop not only the past “x-rated … degenerate life but the promise of a more secured after life.

In an attitude of repentance Saw has asked all she may have offended to forgive her. “The promoters and agents who booked me and would have earned commissions from my Christmas acts have been demanding refunds ….I paid back US$ 7,000 to date …. they only allow me to withdraw US$ 2,000 daily” Saw disclosed as she spoke to Vision in a no holes barred interview. Only at Pentecost was “tongue” so loosened.

Back Road

“I got a vision in a dream to go to Back Road, after 12 PM and find a certain named Lady of the Night … it took me 10 minutes to find her. I evangelized to her.” As Saw poured out her heart. (Back
Road is the notorious red light strip where prostitution is the preferred trade plied). “I visualize one day having my own church” the former dancehall superstar confided as she looked forward to a life in Christ.

Marion Hall better known as (Lady Saw) was glowing as she candidly revealed her deep inner thoughts.

“God is working through me …. when I was at church Jacob Reid ….. Tiffa told me …. forgive them ….beg them for forgiveness . A them trouble Macka, 3 of them ….they have not reached out to me ….I hugged Spice, she had a look on her face. I had my detractors when I told my publicist to cancel all my bookings …. this was during my transformation …. I am stressed …God is doing something for me … a sign that God took it up …I got baptised at an Adventist Church …. I was 12 … people gave mi pork sausage….. three years ago in church in Florida …the devil sent everything, it rise up …. devil vex ….you no see what she do at Sting …. my brother wanted to take mi to Back Road but him did full of liquor … had a vision to go there, a and look for a name I got … drove myself …I called Bishop (Everton ) about 12 to 1 am …. he said I should go ….”

Marion Hall continuing …”I told pastor Bailey, I am going to feed the homeless … God is connecting people to me ….I am going to serve the people … spoke to Junior Tucker …. I could not find any clothes to wear to church today ….my clicker battery for my car is going dead…. I will have to break into my own car ….I had to take off the nail polish, the wig …you know when you out there…. Bishop Everton’s message today was about happiness… I have now found happiness ….I am more happy than ever” the renowned superstar now converted” Christian concluded.

Editor’s Note

Macka is referring to song bird and author Macka Diamond who had bitter rivalries, or run ins with Lady Saw. A trade mark feature of the Jamaican dancehall industry. It is all about supremacy… and dog eat dog type of stuff.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, (SIC) filed this full interview … snippets of which Vision Newspaper has been carrying

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