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Executive and Judiciary Must Work Together to Transform Justice System – PM

Photo: Yhomo Hutchinson

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (right), congratulates newly appointed Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes (second left), after he was sworn in at King’s House on Thursday (March 1). Looking on (from left) are Attorney General, Hon. Marlene Malahoo Forte; Justice Minister, Dr. Delroy Chuck; and the Chief Justice’s wife, Dr. Annette Crawford-Sykes.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, has pointed to the need for partnership between the executive and the judiciary for the transformation of the justice system.

“The public, in whose interest we all serve, more than ever, wants to see an improved justice system through strengthening of the rule of law and timely justice outcomes. Let me again emphasise that this is a strategic priority of the Government,” he said.

“I have the highest respect and regard for the judiciary, and the executive I lead has no inclination to seek to undermine the independence of the judicial branch and or even to trespass anywhere near the discretion of the judges. We are interested in a partnership to ensure the efficiency and accountability of the judiciary to the people,” he pointed out.

“To achieve the transformation that will benefit all Jamaicans, there has to be the executive will and the judicial will,” the Prime Minister added.

He was addressing the swearing-in ceremony for Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, held on Thursday (March 1) at King’s House.

The Prime Minister noted that the Government has a responsibility to provide the necessary resources, and the judiciary must use these resources in an efficient manner in order to secure economic and social development.

He informed that over the last two years, a lot of time and resources have been spent to improve the efficiency of the justice system, and further investments will be made during the new financial year to ensure that judges have the resources to facilitate timely justice outcomes that will reinforce the rule of law.

He argued, however, that the conversation about resources must not negate the intrinsic need for accountability in all spheres of public service, including the judicial arm of the State.

“We must modernise our society, and it is not just about how much resources have been provided. It is how we have used the resources we have. We must be in a constant state of transformation using the existing resources more efficiently, so that we will get more resources,” the Prime Minister added.

He commended Justice Sykes and expressed confidence that under his leadership there will be a transformation of Jamaica’s justice system.

“In this role, Justice Sykes has a valuable and unique opportunity to transform how justice is delivered and, therefore, serve our people. There has been no question of his extraordinary legal insight, clarity and erudition,” the Prime Minister said.

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