Perspective: Fidel Castro – A True Revolutionary Passes

Fidel CastroA True Revolutionary Passes …

The death of Fidel Castro has left a void in this hemisphere not likely to ever be filled. In particular in Cuba. For over fifty years the Cuban populace have been subjected to a mean spirited trade embargo especially from the Americans.

Bay of Pigs

The failed invasion of Cuba, commonly known as the “Bay Of Pigs” which was supported by the Americans, seriously violated international laws. Cuba was a sovereign nation and for a super power to have acted with impunity or and complicity to aid and abet mercenaries to want to impose their will on a sovreign nation with whom you have disagreements is inexcusable. Two wrongs do not make a right … even the morally bankrupt would have no difficulty comprehending such a position. Uncle Sam committed a monumental mistep that has had moral if not catatrophic legal implications.

Castro and his Communist sympathizers were not saints by any stretch if the imagination but … consultations instead of confrontation was unacceptable.


The Americans had planted a dictator/Puppet called Batista. He was deposed and American assets were confiscated or nationalized by the new regime led by Commandante Fidel Castro after (Bapisita’s) deposition. We do not condone such action.

Spoils of Conflict

It is no secret that war has its victors and vanquished. Women have been kidnapped and raped and there have been attempts at se
sanitization of races, religion, customs …. known as “ethnic cleansing”


The invasion was a humiliating defeat for the Americans and their ill equipped rag tag band of mercenaries.

At times we should lick our wounds, lap our tails and accept our situation as it unfolds. The Americans failed to accept the results of the failed Bay Of Pigs invasion.


In 2006 Castro handed over power to Ruel Castro his brother. “Castro stood up to the super power … the Americans” Vision SIC.

“We salute Castro as a genuine revolutionary. Cuba has lost the father of their revolution” asserts Professor Stephen Golding, hosting “Talking History” sitting in for Professor Verene Shepherd the regular host on Nation Wide Radio, 90.3 FM. Ja. W.I.

He played Burning Spears song with lyrics inter alia “Let us recall some of our great heroes who have been fighting for our human rights … Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey, Mandela, and now Fidel Castro. The Father of Cuba was 90.

Canadians are among the leading tourists visiting Cuba.

We mourn with the Cuban people at their huge loss.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.


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