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Fitting Tributes For Peter Tosh Day

February 27, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

This month of February spells nothing short of activities with both celebrations for Black History Month and Reggae Month playing on the same pitch.

Well, last Thursday being Peter Tosh Day, scores of reggae lovers from here and abroad was in a celebratory mood at the House of Dread, in Kingston Jamaica.

Flyer for Peter Tosh Day 2023

With an open-air courtyard boasting a holding area of some eight thousand people, fans of Peter Tosh had enough space to celebrate and mingle with the reggae hot steppers.

Dr. Michael Barnett, architect of the celebration had both Andrew Tosh the son of Peter and daughter to do the honours, while The Informative History Man, Isha Bell and Micah Shemiah rounded off the main players of the event.

The performers were eager to showcase, not only their talent, but the undying respect for Peter Tosh, an icon of the Wailers Band who later went solo.

The Informative History Man did a tribute to Tosh similar to Bob Marley Story. This proved he is an edutainer.

He also introduced his latest song, Bolt Money Gone, a saga which still generates a good slice of talk in financial circles and on the grounds. He also gave them “Lowe Mi Meck Mi Gwaan”, a cut from the album Time With Patience which brought back memories of COVID 19.

“I couldn’t have missed this event. There is not many like Peter Tosh among us. So, let us show the world we fully acknowledge this icon”, History Man declared.

Andrew Tosh did justice by reeling out songs, “Legalize It” and “Glass House” from his father’s catalogue of great hits.

Niambe Tosh announced the family will be opening a museum to showcase the known and unknown works of his father’s s legacy. This will be in Grange Hill, Westmoreland where his father was born.

Tosh, born October 19, 1944 died September 11, 1987. He received the Order of Merit (O.M) from the government of Jamaica.

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