Flood Of Death Threats in Social Media Influencer Case, Lawyer Requests Extra Security for Client

July 27, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

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In a dramatic turn of events in this love triangle story which seems not to be going away in a hurry, the lawyer for embattled District Constable Smith said inter alia:

“Due to the flood of death threats, I am now requesting added security protection for my client”

Mr. Oswest Senior Smith, lawyer for District Constable Smith speaking on radio.

The latest twist in what has been described as a form of Netflix drama unfolding before our very eyes. Mr. O. Smith has been retained as District Constable Smith as her lawyer. Mr. Oswest Smith, in a radio interview monitored by Vision this evening stated inter alia:

“I am calling on the police to provide security protection to my client District Constable Smith as she has been receiving a flood of death threats.”

Refusal To Answer Questions

It gives me no pleasure to cast any doubt on the motives of others, however, as a writer do permit me to express my perspective as to how I see this love triangle debacle. It has attracted much public talk especially on social media and on talk shows. My Editor-in-chief, located in Canada, said the love triangle case was a hotly debated matter in a bar in downtown Toronto, Canada Saturday night July 24, 2022. It has gone international as you can see. Many Jamaicans reside in Canada. They keep a keen interest in matters back home. They not only send vast sums of remittances in cash back home to Jamaica. Next to the USA they remit the most money.

Cast Doubt

It was instructive that the police have from day one said that they have no suspects or persons of interest in the disappearance of social media influencer Donna Lee Donaldson. Whether this is so or not it is not for me to question nor to cast any doubt as to the veracity of such an utterance. I believe the Deputy Commissioner of Police with responsibility for crime, Mr. Fitz Bailey to be speaking the truth. I have known this man personally to be of unquestionable integrity. I did not say nor am implying that he is perfect.

Deputy Commissioner Bailey said in a news conference monitored by vision that Constable Noel Maitland was cooperating with the investigation, but District Constable Smith had refused to answer any questions.

District Constable Smith may have cast some doubt on her innocence from day one by refusing to answer any questions. This could naturally be interpreted as her failing to cooperate with investigation into missing social media influencer Donna Lee Donaldson. After all they allegedly have been sharing the same man, one Constable Noel Maitland. It was a love triangle with a missing member of the trio now feared dead which is being investigated.

Her lawyer, Mr. O. Smith has said in an interview monitored by Vision that:

“My client did not refuse to cooperate, but just wanted her lawyer to be present when being questioned”

That is what her lawyer claims to be her instructions to him. You be the judge. Do you think he is speaking the truth?


District Constable Smith has every reason to keep silent if asked to give a statement in the missing case of social media influencer Donna Lee Davidson. Yes, that is her legal and constitutional right not to self incriminate. We do accept that position.


When you refuse to cooperate with an investigation you send a red flag to the investigator, and if communicated to the public, then this refusal, which is your legal right, could be in the public’s eyes, seen … that you may have something to hide. In a nutshell you are not seen in the best of light. You are not likely to win many friends. This in this case appears to the resulting effect of her decision.

This is what has occured. It is either unfortunate or unfortunately what this has turned out to be in this case.

Smith has lawyed up from day one. Good for her.


We will never question a person’s right to not self incriminate. Oh no! That is your right. It is our perspective that Mr. Fitz Bailey may be of the view that he could speak to his subordinate colleague and would have gotten cooperation. He appeared obviously peeved when District Constable Smith refused to give him a statement. Mr. Firz Bailey then publicly stated inter alia:

“I can get such a statement by other means”

Personally, I was taken aback by his utterance. He also said to his credit inter alia:

“It was her right to not give me a statement …”

He was being honest and open. Good for him.

This exchange did send muddy water down stream. This was a public spat being played out in full public view. It was most unfortunate to say the least. DCP Fitz Bailey must have been taken aback. Bailey seemed to have been quite upset.

District Constable Smith has now been taken off front line duties since July 25, 2022. We are not sure if she has been in fact been sent home.


District Constable Smith and Constable Noel Maitland have been booked to be interviewed by the Independent Commission Of Investigations (INDECOM). on August, 3, 2022.

The verdict, as usual is yours. Did District Constable Smith handle the matter correctly from day one? This is my perspective as stated above. Feel free to send us your feedback.

Hopeton Dennie

Hopeton O'Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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