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Former Pimp and Federal Inmate Becomes Popular Life Coach and Motivational Speaker: ‘Quezzy the CEO’ Takes Instagram and Facebook by Storm

Quezzy the CEO (Positivity Ambassador)

Self-love icon shares his life story in autobiography, Instagram page and YouTube video series, “Ask Quezzy.”

COLUMBIA, S.C.April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Quezzy the CEO recently announced the debut of his IGTV and YouTube video series “Ask Quezzy”. Quezzy (https://www.quezzytheceo.com/) began the Instagram account as a way to share inspirational quotes, relationship advice and short videos to spread his personal brand of positivity throughout the world. Quezzy’s original philosophical approach was expressed through a series of pictures matched with short, powerful quotes intended to help provoke thought, while instilling courage for others to live their own lives with honesty and integrity.

Utilizing his unique perspective and outlook, Quezzy has transformed his troubled past into a growing empire of positive vibes and inspired life purpose. Based on self-love and respect, Quezzy incorporates his Positivity Is My Purpose philosophy (PIMP) by offering up how he transmuted poison into power, forging a new lifepath. And in doing so, Quezzy serves as a guide for others who are also struggling to reinvent themselves.

“I am a positive thinker and adviser — my life is my example. The life I lived and the man I have become now (which are two extremely different lives) are what patterns my thoughts, my reactions and my ideas towards a life of full potential. The time I spent in prison afforded me the opportunity to reset my way of thinking,” said Quezzy the CEO.

Quezzy’s Instagram page is a way for him to reach out to people from all over the world, sharing both his passion and his advice. He recently recorded his inspired journey through life in a short autobiography, entitled “P.I.M.P.: Positivity Is My Purpose,” which is currently available on Amazon.

“The CEO in my name is not just a business title. My vision is to show people that we are all the CEOs of our lives. Your life is your business. Your goal is not to make money but to attain happiness. You have the ability to create a plan of action that will lead to your personal idea of success. As a CEO, you are in control of your own future,” said Quezzy the CEO.

Quezzy will soon be releasing a personal growth, motivation and relationship app for both Android and IOS.

Follow Quezzy the CEO on:

Instagram: quezzytheceo 
Facebook: Quezzy the CEO 
YouTube — “Ask Quezzy”: Quezzy the CEO

About Cyberreality Media LLC

Cyberreality Media is the home company of motivational coach Quezzy the CEO. Quezzy the CEO (George C. McLeod III) is an inspired motivator whose approach toward life has been a source of comfort and strength to thousands of people around the world. Having lived a rich and dynamic existence, though fraught with mistakes, Quezzy has been a gang banger, a drug dealer, armed robber, a music producer and rapper, a pimp, and finally: a federal inmate. Turning away from the negative and drawing on the mistakes he made in the past, Quezzy uses his experiences to show others that they do not have to be defined by their past deeds. He teaches that now is always the perfect time to make a change. Learn more at: www.QuezzyTheCEO.com.

Media Contact:
George Mcleod (Quezzy the CEO)
803 414 3407

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