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Frances-Anne Solomon Announces 2nd annual WINDRUSH CARIBBEAN Film Festival Lineup

June 24, 2021 | Sasha Stoltz

The 2nd Annual Windrush Caribbean Film Festival (WCFF) runs from June 22- August 29 on CT-TV.  www.caribbeantales-tv.comThe digital streaming platform provides access to African & Caribbean heritage films & TV programs making it the perfect host for WCFF 2021.  WCFF is an annual event produced by a nationwide community of business and creative arts organizations and leaders led by CaribbeanTales UK.  The goal of WCFF is to educate audiences on the contributions of the Windrush generation and their impact, through discussions & screenings in cinemas, schools & community centers across the country.  

Carnival For The People” is the theme for WCFF 2021.  This year’s festival brings a packed line up of drama, action and LGBTQQIP2SAA focused films.  WCFF’s exciting program also includes workshops and insightful behind the lens conversations with the filmmakers. June 22 the Festival will open with Carnival ‘Ah Weh Ting, produced by Optiks Hamilton.  Audiences will be introduced to Peace and Love, part of the Windrush Generation who participated in all including the first London carnival in 1964.  Opening night will also include, Carnival and Social Justice, a short film by Kingsway Project.  Carnivals are an expression of freedom that attract tourists from around the world to hosting cities. The celebrations are vibrant & colorful with parades, music & food, but have a much deeper importance.  Carnivals have an important social, political, and cultural role in our society.  WCFF celebrates that role.   

Patrons are encouraged to get hold of their Festival Pass ahead of the Opening Night. This will enable the holder to access on demand the complete WCFF 2021 program throughout the festival, which runs from 23 July – 29 August 2021 at their convenience.  Patrons can also join live events and watch scheduled screenings with other festival goers. 

The Windrush Caribbean Film Festival media launch took place via lie stream June 22, on CT-TV, www.caribbeantales-tv. hosted by Juliet Alexander. Frances-Anne Solomon, one of the founding members introduced the festival. WCFF co-foundersPatricia Hamzahee and Garry Stewart co-hosted the event, providing context on the founding & importance of the WCFF. The festival intentionally announced its exciting line-up of new films June 22, Windrush Day.


“It was important for us to launch this year’s festival on Windrush Day as a testament to the post-war West Indian immigrants who helped rebuild Britain.”  

                                               Frances-Anne Solomon, founding member of the WCF


Following are some select WCFF Feature Film highlights. Full details are available at


Date Genre Film
June 27th Documentary/Documentary Paradise Lost/Mas Man (Christopher Laird/Dalton Narine)
July 23rd. Documentary The Prodigal Son (Kurt Orderson)
August 7th Documentary Black Power
August 13th Drama Ham & Piper
August 20th LGBTQQIP2SAA Mixed  (Howard Davis)
August 21st Crime Drama Stash (HKB FINN)

August 21st

Documentary The Mayor’s Race
August 29th Documentary Windrush Pioneers


Festival Pass allows you instant & easy access to WCFF 2021. Just sign in. Festival Pass holders will have full access to screenings, workshops, behind the lens conversations with filmmakers and films-on-demand until August 29, 2021. 


Sasha Stoltz is a Publicist & Manager with Sasha Stoltz Publicity & Management.

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