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Gold Dust After Volcano Eruption in St Vincent and the Grenadines

May 3, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Following the passage of the La Soufriere volcano in St  Vincent and The Grenadines, there are reports that traces of gold have been found in the remnants of the dust left by the volcano.  This is great news for collectors of precious metals.  How easily will this gold dust be able to extract usable amounts of gold from same is not immediately known.  Also do you need other chemicals to extract viable quantities of this gold to meaningfully make this a viable means of setting up a small or micro-enterprise?


Volcanoes spurt out very hot lava that kills plant life and human form on contact.  So recently when the la Soufriere volcano was about to erupt there was a mass evacuation of the area known to house some 12,000 inhabitants.  A red zone was created to facilitate a safe buffer zone. Residents close to the volcano were urged to relocate. Some stayed, but the majority did relocate. Many animals were known to have perished in the immediate area.  They were unable to leave in time.  The dislocation has been devastating. No human deaths have been reported so far.


PM Dr. Ralph Gonzalez was reduced to tears as he related at a press conference his heart-felt gratitude for the outpouring of love from neighbours,  and friends to assist with the relief effort.


It is an established fact that following the passage of hurricanes, scientists have discovered that there have been increased crop production. This is believed to be caused from increased nitrogen which is one of the prime ingredients that goes to the composition of plant fertilizers.  Nature has a way of cleansing and replenishing the earth. So the next time you decide to curse a storm or the fiery effects of say a volcano, just bear in mind that there are other plans with benefits in the works.  Plans to better your lot.  This is a difficult idea to sell especially when a poor family loses their roof and they have no insurance or other income to readily replace same.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie  is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper. 

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