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Good Response for “Temperature” EP

Photo: Safiyah

August 31, 2020 | By Nackesha Doyley |

With her EP “Temperature” officially released and performing exceptionally well, Magnum Queen 2018 Safiyah is definitely on her way to becoming a household name in the music industry.  Safiyah has been getting only positive reviews and is very pleased with the overall reception that has been generated with the release of the EP.

The upcoming artiste expressed how happy she is with the overall response that she has been receiving.

“The feedback has been great, thus far I see where the diversity in contents are much appreciated by consumers/listener being that the songs are relatable and it allows people to express with a sense of freedom it that caters to different individuals/personalities and situations.”

The EP is a 6 track compilation produced by Safiyah music label in collaboration with Wai Fuzion Records. It was officially released on August 6 of this year on all digital platforms for purchases and is being distributed by Distrokid distribution.

Currently, the singles “High”, number six on the EP, and “Action,” number one on the EP are performing extremely well.

 “Right now the videos for the EP are coming soon and trust me, my fans are going to be so impressed. “Safiyah shared

“It is all about making my fans happy and showcasing my talent, which means I will keep on releasing good music and videos for my fans to enjoy. Just keep a listening ear for Safiyah.”

Safiyah is also promoting her new single “Island Girl” and is also working on numerous projects with some talented producers.

Nackesha Doyley is a Public Relations Manager with M.I.A Production

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