Haitians Displaced By Hurricane Matthew … Bahamas and Florida in Its Path

haiti after hurricane matthewThis is not a good morning for displaced Haitians following the passage of hurricane Matthew.

We need to focus on Haiti as there are a number of deaths … eight is quoted. Sections of Southern Haiti have been devastated. A Haitian resident said this is “a catastrophe” as a result of Matthew having hit south Haiti. I am checking sources … so far a section of the country has been cut off as a bridge has been washed away.

Les Cayes is badly hit (in Haiti) where there is massive flooding.


Eight persons are reported dead and some 250,000 have been displaced as a result of hurricane Matthew hitting the country. It should also be noted that Haiti has not recovered from the 2010 earthquake … a massive tent city is still in place as victims have not yet been delivered from that temporary settlement.

Four killed in the Dominican Republic (DR) which shares the same land mass with Haiti.

To complicate things, there is the fear of the outbreak of cholera … a deadly water bourne disease. Sewers have even contaminated flood waters which could also be potable water (drinking water).

Hurricane History

Hurricane Cleo hit Haiti in 1964. Since 2008 hurricane Matthew is the longest storm at the category four level that has formed in this region. So far South Carolina is evacuating up to a million persons as the hurricane appears to be plotted to go in that direction. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has declared a State of Emergency in all 70 + states. South Florida seems to be the new target for Matthew. Broward County is on voluntary evacuation. Dade County could be less impacted with tropical storm winds of 30+ to 100 Kmh. “Hurricane Andrew did damage in Broward and other sections of Florida … according to Valerie, I am a victim of Andrew that turned unexpectedly in our direction”

As preparation get into top gear, Generators are reportedly sold out at Home Depot, plywood and batteries “flying off the shelves” in Florida. Stated, a store executive. In the meantime Shelters are being prepared for anticipated occupancy.


Pets are allowed in certain shelters. Sand bags are available according to a spokesman from the municipality. Schools will also be closed Thursday and Friday of this week.

President Obama has appealed to Floridians to “heed warnings to evacuate if asked to do so … you can buy back a house and build back a business, but your life is irreplaceable.”

Some 500 National Guards have been deployed in or around Southern Florida to provide security.

May they all be spared further deaths by heeding appeals to evacuate. Our sympathies go out to those who have lost Ioved ones due to hurricane Matthew.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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