dr Peter Phillips on property tax leader
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February 24, 2016
NEWS BREAK: Gunshots Stop Peter Phillips … JLP Condemns Shooting
February 24, 2016

Holness meets with residents in a walk through in his constituency

Andrew Holness in his community

There has been a definite swing towards the JLP … a larger than 2011 voter turn out is predicted, some 5 percent … there was a 52 percent turn out in 2011 … predictions are for a 58 percent turn out this time around 2016. This is always not good for incumbents. Opposition parties by convention do well when there is a high voter turn out. It points to dissatisfaction with the party in power.

Roads were blocked, and traffic snarled, as Andrew Holness went house to house hugging and kissing babies … embraced by the young and not so young. He looked fit and ready for the vigours of the trek in the hot tropical sun.

MP Desmond Mackenzie, Chairman Area Council one and Deputy leader along with Deputy Gen. Sec. Councilor Audley Gordon, both of the JLP. were on tour with Holiness.

Holness acknowledged the presence of Vision even as he was under pressure. He said thanks for presence to SIC. for being there … the only media in sight.

Picture and story by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist who witnessed the walk in the Olympic Drive/Gardens area and filed this report for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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