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Hon. Daryl Vaz Visa Returned By USA

Hon. Daryl Vaz Visa Returned By USA

October 22, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Do accept my thanks for serving us in the capacity of United States Top Representative to Jamaica.


Your efforts to help restore Energy Minister Hon. Daryl Vaz’s visa and Former PNP Minister Phillip Paulwell’s visas which was also revoked. Both Vaz and Paulwell had their Visas restored.  We think in the case of Minister Vaz, an injustice was done.  We are not prepared to comment on Former  PNP Minister Phillip Paulwell’s visa revocation.

You have made a significant contribution to improve relationship between Jamaica and the United States Of America while you served as Ambassador to Jamaica from the USA.

The gifts and grants to Jamaica from the United States Of America were greatly appreciated.  It helped to improve our standard of living.  These gifts were given in love and received with dignity.

Your efforts to get clarification on Hon. Daryl Vaz’s revoked visa to the USA is commendable. Your efforts seem to have borne fruit.  Vaz’s visa was restored by the USA. We again thank you very much Mr. Ambassador. Even after you left office you wrote to 47 Senators in the USA urging them to review Vaz’s case as you felt there was a gross travesty of justice.  Good for you.

Trump’s Representative

This shows the level of your fairness and integrity.  We were fortunate to have had someone with your level of experience and achievement in the area of business to have accepted an invitation to serve in Jamaica. We are richer for your presence.  We are not unmindful of the fact that you came to Jamaica to  represent the interests of President Donald Trump and the American people.

I heard your interview with Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid this afternoon September 27, 2021 on Nationwide News Network (NNN). Your frankness was refreshing. Good job!


I hold the Keys to four American Cities.

Also Honorary Citizen of Indianapolis and Honorary Secretary Of State for Indiana, USA 1976 as a Jaycee Ambassador from Jamaica to the USA. I thank the US government for honoring me on my visit to your country back then, Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie.


It is never easy to be objective in a job like that of an ambassador.  A lot is expected of you. In fact you are often judged at the highest standard. Sometimes unfairly and beyond good reason. You were able to navigate this land mine well.  Congrats!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist & senior international journalist who writes for Vision Newspaper headquartered in Canada serving UK and the USA

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