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Human Hand & Human Flesh Found In Belly of Shark.

Great white shark breeching in the ocean

March 3, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Deadly Shark Attack Or Shark Find? 

It is well known that people are attached by sharks internationally. Florida, in the USA has been a known location for shark attacks. Sharks are known to drag humans from low boats which are close to the water like canoes etc. if body parts like arms and legs are hanging overboard (in the water). Details of this incident are not clear.Another possible way that this incident could occur. For example:The boat could have capsized or sunk due to high or powerful waves or a storm at sea.

Gut Of Shark

The bizarre find and what appears to be human remains (human hand and human flesh) was reportedly found today, March 3, in the belly of a gutted shark that was caught in a fisherman’s net and brought to the Fishing Beach, in Old Harbour Bay, a noted Fishing Village in St. Catherine Parish. Police was summoned and the funeral directors took charge of the remains.   The police is further investigating the matter.

Men Missing

Reports are that two fishermen were reported as having been missing at sea over the weekend.  The names of the missing men is not known, only their alias names. Information is sketchy and it is early days to date.


We express our sympathy at the possible losses of lives of these fisher folks at sea.  If they have passed we say may their souls rest in peace.  To the family we say chins up.  We hope that the bodies will be found so closure for the family may occur.

Report Delay At Sea ASAP

We also hope fisher folks will take all the safety measures to protect themselves.  It may be suitable to advise those on shore when to expect your possible return so if there is a delay marine police may be contacted so a search can be initiated as early as possible. Time is crucial as delay could be danger.

Try to get a radio for sea to shore contact. Cell signal or service may not be available.  Keep a life vest at hand. Be prepared for an emergency at all times.  Amen!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who has International exposure.

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