‘I killed her’: Radford student told police when she was arrested, warrant says

We are shocked at the above murder. Two women live in an apartment that they legally leased and signed to.  One is found dead and the other admitted to the murder by stabbing with a knife.
These are established or settled facts as reported.  As for the details as to any disputes that has not yet been announced by police et al.  We hear daily about domestic violence and or spousal abuse but in this  case we have not heard any reports indicating or insinuating that there was an intimate relationship between both parties.
It baffles the mind what could have led to this dramatic development that catapulted to this murder.  We await the outcome of this investigation before further comment to avoid arriving at any premature judgment. Autopsy could be helpful also.
The facts we know for sure are one person is dead and another has confessed to the killing.  We also know that a knife is the weapon of choice. As for the motives we have to await the unearthing of those facts.
This is all unfortunate and appears to be a senseless loss of precious life. Could it all have ended differently?  What is your perspective?  These are all the facts presented as we know them so far.  The verdict is yours.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC and photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.  A veteran journalist who has written on all platforms .. and subject areas including crime, politics,  human interest, and education … you name it

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