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I Love Soca Promises Another Carnival Preview



From 4 p.m. to midnight, The I Love Soca ‘Cooler Fête’ is set to bring up-tempo, high-paced action to the venue. For an admission of $1,500 presold and $2,000 at the gate, expect a preview of the great time to come in next year’s carnival season and an in-the-moment feel of the best soca jams of the past years.

The best of the best in soca juggling will be produced by DJ Smoke, Richie Ras, Nocturnal (from Florida), and Selector Myles (from Trinidad) who are all well versed in delivering the genre.

appreciation for soca

Of the event, one of the promoters, Andrew Bellamy, said, “The demand for the event requires a December staging, so we’re simply delivering what patrons want. It seems that each year more Jamaicans have a greater appreciation for soca music, so we think it’s only right that we’re able to provide an avenue for them to revel in it. With the support of our sponsors, that will be a reality at the I Love Soca ‘Cooler Fête’.”

I Love Soca is one of the few soca events that carries a following outside of the traditional Jamaican carnival season. The anticipation for this staging is definitely on, as ‘socaholics’ are eagerly awaiting the event.

Tickets for the event can be found at The Pub, or from any of the event’s ambassadors.

Among the sponsors of I Love Soca are Appleton Estate, Nissan, Digicel,Pure Country, Bad Dawg Sausages and Sunnation.


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