I Noah: on his way to the billboard

17 InoahBorn Clayton Heslop, I Noah started his musical development in the quiet rural district of the Watermount area of the parish of St. Catherine where, aged just 11, Clayton was appointed lead chorister. Sticking to the religious ascetics in his professional career, I Noah has created music based on the portrayal of positive vibes and cultural enlightenment. 

Yes it’s I Noah, representing more life and righteousness; music to edify and uplift the nation.

His songs are certainly touching and the highlights of his career so far have been songs like “Gwaan So Fah”, “One of A Kind”, and “Battle Field” which helped to bind an enthusiastic and faithful fan base. Appearing at popular shows in Jamaica such as the Western Consciousness and Heroes Day Salute, he is closer to his ultimate goal: “We want to take music to the highest point in life. We meditate to build songs and make it explode to hit the billboard. We meditate to write to make albums being nominated for a Grammy. Good pay comes from good work, good work is the highest level and the highest point in life and Jah will do the rest.”

Everything in I Noah’s life circles around meditation which he describes as coming from the Most High. “Everything becomes a meditation, frustration becomes a mediation – out of everything we are making sure to find the positive.”

This state of mind resonates in his songs which underline, as he puts it, his role as ‘a messenger straight from Jah’: “Every song has to have a topic and it needs to be conscious.

In certain places you are more connected to the Most High, like the hills, the rivers, the valleys or mountains. Going to all these places you hear different sounds. It helps to bring out the feeling to make the people know that you mean what you say.”

Big Up:
Dovnnavan and the whole Unique Supermix Production, Miss Margret my mother, my daughter Sheneile and my whole family.

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