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I Octane captivates not only with meaningful lyrics

June 13, 2012 | Vision Newspaper |

When meeting I Octane you don’t get the usual edginess of an artist trying to prove a point – he is reassuringly calm and friendly. A very down to earth person who, like most Jamaicans, prefers Celine Dion over Beyonce and misses good Jamaican cooking when travelling abroad.

The name of your album is ‘Crying to the Nation’, what does it refer to?

It’s a metaphor for any nation. Some young artists build albums which only appeal to Jamaicans, but people across the world love reggae music; there is no colour, nation or cultural barrier. Music has no borders. People from Japan, Venezuela, Australia and so on can listen to the music and place themselves in the situation, listen to a song and feel that I Octane is representing for them.

What is your must have gadget?

My headphones – ready to record! Even in Jamaica I bring my own headphones so that when I reach the studio I don’t have to wait for a next man to finish working.

When you are traveling what do you miss most about home?

When I travel I don’t complain because you get a different experience which broadens your knowledge and capacity. I know when you go to America you wont get a Jamaican vibe, so I accept the place as it is.

Big up time!

Big up my fans, everybody who loves and listens to I Octane, big up the God Alone Family. Big up all my enemies, because they are my biggest fans, they keep me current as they talk the most about me.

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