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Iggy Azalea and BH Cosmetics Partner on Her First Cosmetics Collection Launching in ULTA

Totally Plastic is launching on August 29 on and at ULTA in-store and online.

LOS ANGELESAug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global superstar Iggy Azalea announced today that she will make her first foray into the cosmetics category with the launch of Totally Plastic, her capsule collection with BH Cosmetics – a brand committed to creating high-quality, pigmented products that are affordable, cruelty free, vegan, extra clean and sustainable.

Iggy Azalea and BH Cosmetics Partner on Her First Cosmetics Collection Launching in ULTA

Inspired by Iggy’s favorite memories of her teenage years, Totally Plastic is bringing back the glittery, frosted hues, lip-smacking glosses and other nostalgia from the 2000s with an updated feel. The 13-piece collection ranging from $7$29 will include a face palette, eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, a brush set, beauty sponge, false eyelashes, a hand mirror and travel case.

“I really wanted to work with BH Cosmetics because from the beginning, they were totally open to me having 100% creative control, and if I don’t have creative control with a brand I’m just not going to put my name on it,” remarked Azalea. “I’m very passionate about having a concept and bringing it to life and I’m so specific about the way that I want things to be. I love that BH Cosmetics has an accessible price point for everyone but still has very good quality product[s]. That stuck out to me because I rarely see actual high-quality eyeshadow for the price point that they have. I love that because when I’m thinking about things that I’m making for people, I want them to be accessible to everyone.”

Fabrice Gilbert-Darras, CMO + GM of BH Cosmetics shared, “We have always viewed Iggy Azalea as an influential icon across the fashion and beauty spaces. We are huge fans of her trendsetting looks on the red carpet, music videos and across all of her creative frontiers. Iggy was involved in all areas of this exciting collaboration, and is in every bit and piece of this collection. We are so humbled to be the first brand to collaborate with her on a beauty line and are eager to launch this amazing collection full of unique formulations and throwback-inspired designs, all while celebrating Iggy and her influential style.”

Totally Plastic is launching on August 29 on and at ULTA in-store and online.

Product details:

  • Totally 2000s – 9 Color Shadow Palettes
    • Blue Fur: Blingy baby blues, shiny silver, and neutral shades
    • Purple Platforms: Frosted baby purple, vibey lilacs, neutral shades
    • Pink Sunglasses: Iconic tones of pink, yellow and neutral shades
  • Oral Fixation – High Shine Lip Gloss
    • I’m Psychic: Clear gloss with blue/green iridescent flecks
    • That Was Sexual: Baby pink gloss with matching flecks
    • Sex Sells: Bright bubblegum pink gloss with pink iridescent flecks
    • Is It 2004 Yet?: Peach gloss with gold flecks
  • Totally Snatched – 6 Color Face Palette (Contour + Highlight): Array of brighteners and contours for every skin tone
  • Too Good 4 U – False Lashes: Full Length, clustered false lashes that give off extra voluminous payoff
  • The Total Package – 8 Piece Face and Eye Brush Set with Wrap: Vegan, multi-use essentials
  • Stay Pressed – Beauty Sponge with Case: This swirled baby pink and purple sponge is multi-sided, latex-free and plays well with liquid and powder formulas
  • Where U Been Biatch? – Travel Case: Ultra cute lavender zipper travel case to hold onto all the you can’t-live-without products while you’re on the move
  • 99% Devil – Hand Mirror: Glittery lavender handheld mirror in a super cute devil heart shape


SOURCE Iggy Azalea and BH Cosmetics


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