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INDECOM does not hinder law enforcement

Terrence Williams, INDECOM CommissionerSeptember 27, 2016 – The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has been asked by members of the media to respond to statements asserting that members of the security forces are hindered in their work because of the work of the Commission. We seek to remind members of the public and the agents of the State that officers have a responsibility to do their duty in accordance with their training and the rules of the force. If they do so, they have nothing to fear from INDECOM. Law cannot be enforced unlawfully. Through its investigations INDECOM is here to ensure that the rights of citizens are not abused; and in so doing help the police force, as it seeks to become more professional, and foster public trust in the police. A professional police force acting with the support of conscientious Jamaicans is ultimately the response to crime and disorder.

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