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August 21, 2017
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Inseedius Alongside Anthony Records Brings Worlds Together With New Video

Earlier this year, renowned dancehall producer, Anthony Thomas, of “Anthony Records” teamed up with Jamaica’s rising dancehall artist Inseedius for their smashing hit single “Despicable Whine”. Since its release in March, the song has seen organic growth, made popular by dancers from all corners of the world.

“Despicable Whine” marries the dancehall genre with its sister genre of Afrobeats. The video, which released last week, incorporates just that while showcasing its world outreach by featuring dancers from Jamaica, Russia, Portugal, Italy and Chile. Shot in Spanish Town, the storyline based in an old junk yard. With its fresh concept it is easily compared with other new releases in its genre such as Charly Blacks “Right Deh Suh”, Konshens “Bruk Off Yuh Back” and DeeWunn’s “Mek It Bunx Up”.


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More about “Despicable Whine”

Premiering on two of UK’s biggest urban platforms, “Despicable Whine” was introduced on Capital Xtra by the renowned DJ Raskwame as well as BBC Radio. Within the first 5 days of its release.reached number 7 on the SoundCloud top 50 dancehall song charts and has now reached over 35,000 streams.

“Despicable Whine” is currently rotated on BBC radio.

It has been recorded that “Despicable Whine” has over 200 viral videos under its hashtag #Despicablewhine on Instagram.

“Despicable Whine” is heavily rotated on Jamaica radio stations such as ZIP FM and Suncity.

“Despicable Whine” has already become a hit song in Chile, with regular airplay on radio stations and within the party scene.

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