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October 20, 2015
October 20, 2015

International Reggae Artist ORieL Featured in FALL 2015 Issue of Popular Lifestyle

International Reggae Artist ORieL Featured in FALL 2015 Issue of Popular LifestyleInternational Reggae Artist ORieL Featured in FALL 2015 Issue of Popular Lifestyle3

Dominica born, International Reggae recording artist ORieL is being featured on a 2 pages spread (Pages 57-58) in the popular Triple The Focus lifestyle magazine. Triple the Focus is a monthly publication whose primary focus is on Caribbean Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel.

Here is an excerpt from the article: “ORieL Aims At A Musical Revolution”

…But at the heart of it all, ORieL path was already written, and using his voice to share his life journey took precedence.  At the heart of it all, Reggae spoke to his musical soul, he describes  his music as ‘’Reggae/Fusion’’ which is mostly reggae fused with the sound of Jazz, RnB, Rock, Blues and Hip Hop.

Most of the world equates the genre of reggae music as attributed to Jamaican natives. As a reggae singer born in Dominica, do you find that you are taken as serious as if you were Jamaican born.

ORieL: Yes, because my music deals with serious issues and the people in Jamaica and around the world that’s dealing with these issues will always relate to my music. Music is constantly evolving so the location where the songs are made or the origin of the genre doesn’t really have a great impact when it comes to a song. In the last couple decades music has moved from local to international. Its all one big community now, so if a song connects with someone then they listen to it no matter where it comes from .

Why reggae music?

ORieL: The groove, I’m addicted to the groove.  My music is positive and reggae music is positive so they go hand in hand. It’s how i live and what i listen to, its what my friends listen to, and I used to be a reggae dj so its a natural fit.   I deviate  an play around with other music often but I keep coming back, reggae ends up being the backbone of most my material.

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