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International Reggae Artist Warrior King Releases Lead Single From Forthcoming 2020 Album

Kingston, Jamaica (MPR CONSULTING) – Music aims to heal, provoke thoughts, make you feel good or engage in social conversations, such is the music journey of Warrior King and no exception is his latest release “Blak Ah Kill Blak“, the lead single from his forthcoming 2020 album.

Blak Ah Kill Blak is about reminding African people around the world of their great history, their great legacy, ancestors and contribution to the world at large, so fighting against each other, killing each other is a NO! That is what the song is about.” explains Warrior King. “The song was written by Ras Brando and myself. It talks about issues in the community, in Jamaica we call it a crab in a barrel mentality. That’s an issue plaguing our community here at home, in the diaspora and Africa. And yes I know people of all color, races and creeds kill each other, but as a black man, I must speak to my black brothers and sisters. It starts at home.”

Charismatic reggae recording artist Warrior King has crafted a name that precedes him with prolific lyrics, social conscious commentary, messages about upliftment, worldwide performances, and a strong captivating hit filled discography. The latter has garnered him such indubious honors as Marcus Garvey Awards for his contribution to music, Warrior King Day in the city of Buffalo, and a nod from President Barack Obama when in 2008 he revealed that Virtuous Woman was one of his favorite songs and Warrior King as one of his favorite reggae artistes on CNN Live and NBC !

Yet a humble Warrior King takes such honor in vain as he quotes Nigerian novelist and poet Chinua Achebe “No man however great is greater than his people“.

Produced by renowned producer Sheldon “Calibud” Stewart, “Blak Ah Kill Blak” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets at

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