Is Jamaica’s Sovereignty Under Threat By a Foreign Government?

Dr Peter Philips
Dr Peter Philips

Black Jamaicans & Caricel Under Microscope, Why?

As the saga with Caricel unfolds … we note the intervention of Paul Burke who stated inter alia:

“It is not about criminality but of Caricel’s potential commercial advantage due to advanced technology.” It is no secret that Hauwei, the chosen Chinese equipment supplier by Caricel. Ericsson equipment is also being used to a lesser extent.

Paul Burke feels this attack has racial overtones in a country which is predominantly of a population of citizens of black pigmentation.

Huawei Technology

Must declare that for about three years I have used and owned three Huawei handsets and the technology is excellent. Easy to use, excellently clear camera images, even without a flash, and voice quality crystal clear, based on comparison is about a quarter the price of a similar device on the market.


Must also add that I am certified, having studied telecommunications at the highest level and worked in the telephone industry for about 10 years. I therefore speak from a position of “expert” knowledge.

Spy Proof

The Americans are aware of the quality of the Chinese technology. They (Huawei) are a threat to the status quo. We are told the Americans for example, cannot listen (spy) on the Huawei network. This claim is to be verified.

Why should Jamaica make a foreign country undermine its progress?

We are watching this one carefully.

Police Clearance

The principals of Caricel have been cleared of any “adverse traces” being banded about. Mr. George Neil has never been arrested in Jamaica for any criminal offence hence his clean police clearance.

We hope the Andrew Holiness government will not allow herself to be undermined.

This saga has the potential to bring down the Andrew Holiness Administration. Would we have known that the Mannat issue would have led to the resignation of the then Prime Minister Bruce Golding? The American government was an alleged player in this drama.


We expect our government to stand up and be on guard at all times defending our sovereignty.

Mark my words, will say no more. Watch Vision for more, we do not pull punches and will not be intimidated by anyone.

Revoke visas if you will, but do not try to undermine our government.

The matter is before the Supreme Court, the highest court in our land. We await the outcome.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is senior international correspondent & photojournalist for vision newspaper.

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