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Jah Bouks finds calling

bouks_w445ROOTS-reggae singer Jah Bouks is currently riding a wave of popularity with Call Angola, says performing at Saturday’s Marcus Garvey Awards was timely given the song’s strong message of black pride.

“I feel grateful to represent for Garvey, who was a black king. His main focus was on Africa and black people and so is mine,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) event was held at Devon House in St Andrew. Jah Bouks performed Call Angola, a tribute to the southern African country which was ravaged by the fight for independence from Portugal during the 1970s.

But how did the 37 year-old Rastafarian vocalist — who has never been to Angola — come up with the inspirational lyrics?

“I was by myself one day and the melody came to mind and the lyrics came shortly after. Call Angola is really about calling on the ancestors of Angola to strengthen and unite black people,” Jah Bouks explained.

He premiered the song during this season’s Magnum Kings and Queens Competition. Although he did not win, the single has become one of the summer’s biggest songs.

Call Angola was produced by Bouk’s ‘momager’ Patrica ‘Zyon’ Panton, who also produced his previous singles Cry Fi Di Youths Dem and Don’t Cry.

Bouks, whose given name is Worren Shaw, was born in St Thomas, which has produced several roots-reggae acts such as Tarrus Riley, Bushman and Natty King.

“I have been doing music since I was 12…I have lots of songs but Call Angola is the one that the people take on to. It is the song that give me my musical break,” he said.

By: Simon Morgan – Jamaica Observer

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One thought on “Jah Bouks finds calling

  • We need more Root and culture Gospel, Decant Music: There are hardly any sons with PEACE- LOVE & UNITY AS THERE USED TO BE.
    Pull out some Culture, Mighty Dimond ‘s, Jimmy Cliff, Slim Smith, Pat Kelly, Johny Osborne, Judy Mowatt, Laxley Castel, Junior Byles, Heptones. Derrick Harriot, The Royals,Ginger Williams, Jimmy London,The Ethiopians, Nicky Thomas, Techniques, The Meditations,They sing Must be a first, Babylon trap them -Running from Jamaica….., Chevelle Franklyn,Wailor, Gregory Isaacs, Bobby Melody,The Heptics, Chalice , They sing Good to be there, Delroy Wilson Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Jennifer Lara , Wailing Soul, Burning Spare, Winston Francis, Matumbi, The Chantells, They sing children of Jah cannot suffer more than what they can really bare & Man in love . How about’…Dennis Brown, Many, Many More.Real Reggay, Roots & Culture and Gospel Soul & Gospel Reggae Positive Vibes will make a difference. .CLEAN LYRICS, POSITIVE VIBES, SONGS ABOUT LOVE, PEACE, UNITY & RESPECT. JUSTICE AND TRUTH.


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