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September 19, 2013
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September 19, 2013

Jah Bouks’ surprising journey

Jah BouksSince ‘Angola’ spiralled to the number one spot in the UK and Jamaican charts, a lot has been happening for Jah Bouks. Despite being in great demand for shows, the singer still finds enough time for studio work; producing material that proves that he is not a one hit wonder. With ‘Cry Fi Di Youth’ and ‘Curves’, Jah Bouks has released two new excellent tracks covering more ground and gaining a bigger fan base.

Africa is a central point within the work of the modest reggae singer. And with African nations like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya embracing reggae music, Jah Bouks is likely to follow the many reggae and dancehall artists who have travelled to the continent. “I would love to travel there. I just wish I could sing more songs about Africa so that Africa can rise up even further.”

Jah Bouks shared with Vision: his story of rising to the point of where he is now. My first story to tell you is about me being black and never having a lot of friends at school. I always had to run away, but mi still love myself and mi never force myself inna dem company. This way I have learned to watch people and their movements and if I go on a stage now I can tell if people accept I. That’s what I do; look and observe the body language and facial expression. My story is long”, Jah Bouks says gravely, “some of it will make you laugh, some of it will make you sad”.

Don’t miss Jah Bouks latest video: Cry Fi Di Youth.

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