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Jamaica Introduces 2022/2023 Fiscal Budget

Jamaica's Finance Minister Nigel Clarke delivers the 2022/2023 Budget in parliament on March 8, 2022

March 8, 2022 | Vision Newspaper |

For the FY 2022/23 fiscal year, the Central Government plans to spend a total of $912 billion, comprised of: Non-Debt Expenditure​: $604.5 billion. Debt Service Expenditure: ​$307.5 billion. TOTAL​​​​: $912.0 billion

$40 billion has been allocated for public sector pension payments.

We continue to allocate the largest share of our budget, outside of interest, to education. $122 billion is allocated to education in the upcoming fiscal year.

$93.1 billion is allocated to the Ministry of Health including $10.6 billion for drugs and medical supplies. $92.4 billion is allocated to the Ministry of National Security.

$1.8 billion is being allocated to facilitate the continuation of: (i) GOJ’s Broadband Initiative – $1.0 billion; and (ii) the Tablets in School Programme.

SOURCE @NigelClarkeJA

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