Jamaican MP Murdered

In a rather bizarre turn of events, two time People’s National Party standard bearer for Eastern Portland Dr. Lyndvale Bloomfield’s lifeless body was found stabbed to death in his Passley Garden residence by his domestic helper Saturday last. Police said there was no “forced entry” to Broomfield’s residence.  
A cellphone believed to be owned by Bloomfield was recovered at the scene,  however, his main cellphone is said to be missing.  It is also thought by law enforcement sources that two persons may be involved in this attack … two blood stained knives have been recovered to date.  They have been taken to the forensic lab for tests.
Reports are he was naked and allegedly received twenty (20) stab wounds all over his body.  Also it is further alleged that a knife (s), believed to be the murder weapon (s) have been recovered near to the body and a blood soaked jacket in bushes near to the Broomfield’s residence, has also been found.
PM Andrew Holness
PM Holness has expressed his shock and has ordered that a high level police team be assembled …. this team will be investigating this homicide.  East Portland is regarded as a very safe community with only two homicides reported this year 2019 so far.  It has a population estimated at 30, 000 residents.
This is the second PNP MP to be killed in the line of duty.  The other is one Roy Mcghann in the 70’s and now Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield. 
 To ascribe political motive would be reckless as so far both homicides have not been solved. In the case of McGhann’s no suspect was even arrested …his murder was by the gun. The most recent of Dr. Bromfield is still being investigated and as stated above is by the knife. One media house gave the impression that these homicides were politically motivated… such is irresponsible media coverage. They did not actually saying so.  These incidents are unfortunate,  although in my perspective appear to be unrelated.
The murder of politicians in Jamaica make big news as same is rare. MP’s get armed close protection as a policy.Some may refuse same at times.
A by-election will be held soon stated JLP’S General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang “as the residents need to have representation”.  The General Secretary for the PNP, Julian Robinson said a reward of J$500, 000 has been offered by the party to find the killer(s). It is not clear if the JLP will take the seat or the PNP will retain same.
The PNP lost the seat it held in the last by-election it contested in St. Mary which was won by Dr. Norman Dunn.  Annmarie Vaz, wife of Minister Daryl Vaz is likely to contest the seat for the JLP. Her opponent of the PNP is yet to be announced.  This contest will likely be hotly contested.
Autopsy is to be held today on Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield.  Burial is yet to be announced. He is likely to get an official funeral.
On a personal note, Dr. Bloomfield was well known to me and was seen a decent and loved. He even operated a free medical clinic for constituents. He will be greatly missed. May his soul rest in peace.
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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