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Jamaican phone technician convicted of being part of island’s lucrative lottery scam rings

Jamaican Lottery Scam

KINGSTON, Jamaica _ A Jamaican phone technician has been convicted of participating in one of the lottery scams that have swindled mostly elderly Americans out of their savings for years.

In a Thursday statement, police said Kurt Taylor was convicted in a St. Elizabeth parish court. Officers who searched the 32-year-old man’s residence last year found scamming paraphernalia, including lists with personal information of victims.

Taylor is due to be sentenced on Friday.

Last year, lawmakers passed legislation that has resulted in a growing number of convictions by targeting advanced fee fraud, identity theft and dishonest use of technology.

Jamaican scammers mostly use disposable cellphones to entice victims to transfer money to claim winnings from a bogus lottery. Those who fall for the trick get continually harassed for more money.

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