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Jamaican PM Andrew Holness annouces New Restrictions to combat the COVID-19 virus

Prime Minister Most Hon. Andrew Holness

May 4, 2021 | Zhane Squire |

The COVID-19 numbers have fallen drasticly since the goverment of Jamaica made some serious amendments to the disaster managment act. Special powers have been given to police forces to arrest and charge any one in breach of these restrictions which include breaking curfew hours, hosting social events, gatherings of over 10 persons at any given time and simple things such as not wearing a mask.

As a result we have noticed a decrease in the COVID-19 cases. It is reporeted that there is a significant daily decrease from 21.2% to 8.5% daily positive rate.


The Government is motivated to continue with the COVID-19 counter measures to keep the numbers trending downwards hence the newly updated curfew restrictions annouce by Hon Andrew Holness today. These measures will stay in full effect untill June 2, 2021.

With this firm grip on the virus the reports currently state that there is 48 new cases with 1,221 results pending. A total of 23,307 are still active however there is over 100 persons  recovering daily. Over the past 24hours there has been 159 new recoveries. The deaths still continue to creep up with health care system at the verge of callapsing, total deaths is only 3 persons.


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