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Jamaicans Encouraged to Invest in their Own Products

Jamaicans are being encouraged to invest in their own ideas and products by Executive Director of the Scientific Research Council (SRC), Dr. Cliff Riley.

“Growth will only come from people investing in our country and ensuring that we have good products that can stand the test of time,” Dr. Riley said, while speaking at the SRC’s Opportunity-quest today (may 25), at the Council’s Hope Road Offices.

He said that Jamaicans are very creative people, but there is a fear among investors and innovators in Jamaica.

“We have our products, but we fear investing in them. However, if Jamaicans should let go of this fear, once you show that your idea works, persons will jump on that wagon and you will get the support,” he said.

Dr. Riley explained that during the National Innovation Awards that is held biennially, there are many outstanding and impressive inventions.

However, years later these persons have yet to develop on their ideas, as they are trying to mass-produce.

The Executive Director encouraged persons to start small, even if it is with just one product.

He said that a main thrust for the SRC is promoting an evidence-based approach to product development.

“Gone are the days when we just mix a bit of aloe-vera, some of this bush or that bush and we take it to market,” he said, adding that you must have evidence to support the claim.

Dr. Riley said that Jamaica is in a position where “we are able to get scientific evidence through organisations such as the SRC that can support the claims of our parents and grandparents.”

The Opportunity-quest event saw presenters highlighting the opportunities within the entire value chain of production of personal care products, including the supply of the raw materials to be used in formulations, effective product formulations, packaging and marketing, which are all services that can be offered by the SRC.

Dr. Riley said that if the SRC is unable to conduct any of these activities directly, they have partners who will be able to assist.

The event focused on Personal Care products and other natural remedies, which he said, is one of the fastest growing industries globally.

Article by: Tomeica Gunn
Photo from: www.jis.gov.jm

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