Jamaicans Fall For Hillary in Florida

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With immigration a divisive campaign issue in the USA presidential elections, reports monitored by Vision show that Jamaicans are taking the campaign for the White House very seriously.

An estimated one million Jamaicans have deep roots in the Americas. Canada is also a high volume population centre for Jamaicans.

Polls by CNN put Hillary 47 42 ahead of Trump Nationally. ABC Just one point ahead for Hillary. Florida two points ahead for Hillary. All polls have her ahead across America.

Jamaicans have woken up and are said to have been assisting with registration of voters and transporting them to voting centres.

Immigration Platform

The heads of diaspora organizations which tend to be mainly Jamaicans have been mobilizing for a Democratic White House. “Immigration and deportation are the hot button issues” we are told by Floridian who ask not to be identified. The highest amount of undocumented West Indians are from Jamaica, so we have a lot to lose if the Republicans occupy the White House. Trump plans to build a wall to shut out Mexicans, his neighbours … his plans for us as people of colour could be as or more drastic. Our votes may not be plenty but “one one cocoa full basket” as we like to say in Jamaica.

Hillary wants to implement a comprehensive immigration reform to unite families. Jamaicans and people of colour have embraced this platform. We think it is a good plan.

On November 8, West Indians must send a clear signal that racist and or divisive policies have no place and will not make the USA which has been built by our sweat and blood strong. In fact it is likely to weaken the Union.

We have to bond together and that seems to what the Jamaican/Caribbean people are doing to shut Trump from the corridors of power. Is it too rich for his blood? We seem to agree with that assertion by an unknown Talk Show caller in Florida. Florida is believed to be one of the battle ground states.

In our next perspective we will look at how the JLP see the Republicans … are they aligned in any way?

We need to protect our self interests … what do you think?

The verdict as usual is yours.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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