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JDF Training Helicopter Crashes

A JDF helicopter of about 11 years in service came down in an open field in the thickly populated Portmore St. Catherine dormitory community, home to approximately 300, 000 residents west of Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
Cause is not immediately known but Civil Affairs Officer Major Basil Jarrett said “The  craft was being flown by an advanced student pilot on a solo training mission and was heading back to base at Up Park Camp when the pilot ” crash landed the Copter.” Continuing he said inter alia.
“The pilot walked away from the mangled remains of the craft and is in hospital with what appears to be non life threatening injuries.  He is conscious and will be interviewed as soon as possible to ascertain what happened. “
Mechanical Failure
Major Jarrett ruled out mechanical failure as he said “these crafts are well maintained”  He refused to speculate on pilot error.  He appealed to residents not to remove any debris from crash scene … parts from the fuselage was not spread wide, based on video footage.
JDF has a good safety record.
We wish the pilot speedy and complete recovery.
JDF is the Jamaica Defense Force (army).
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is  SIC for Vision newspaper Canada.

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