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Jr. Pinchers & Montreal Reggae Artist “Ijah Iba” Colab On “Glad to be Rich”

Known as Montreal’s hardest working Reggae artist, IJah Iba is back again with a new track titled “Glad to be rich”. The song features rising star “Jr. Pincher”, son of veteran Reggae star “Pincher” (known for hits “Bandelero” and “I’m a Don”.)

“This collaboration has been a long time coming, we have been looking to work with each other for about two years now! The opportunity came when he made the trip to come to Montreal and we put a song together at the same time.” said IJah.

With reggae topping pop charts worldwide, Ijah Iba aims to reach his next step of success for 2017. “Glad to be rich” falls in line with current music trends and both artists hope to reach the charts with talks of a music video to be released as well. Ijah continues to work in studio on his debut album “The Signature” while he prepares to release his next mixtape project titled “Tuff Ras”. Both are set to release this year.

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