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Juilliard Student Wins $10,000 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship

Cameren Williams Juilliard Student Wins $10,000 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship

SAN DIEGOSept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. announced today that Cameren Williams, a 19-year-old violist currently attending The Juilliard School, has been awarded the 2019 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship.  The $10,000 award will be applied toward future tuition.  Over 500 students applied for the scholarship, which entailed the writing of a personal essay and the submission of a musical performance.

Raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, and currently in her second year at Juilliard, Ms. Williams has always been motivated by classical music and helping others through music.  She made her solo debut as a violist at Carnegie Hall at age 13 and has recently written a children’s book on how to care for stringed instruments.  In addition, Ms. Williams is a member of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America and has spread her musical talents to music lovers spanning the globe, in countries such as AustriaTaiwanChina, and South Korea.

Ms. Williams is a leader amongst her peers. Her strong call to service is exemplified in her role as founder of CamAnaiStrings, an organization which refurbishes and repairs high-quality stringed instruments for aspiring musicians who may not otherwise have access to such instruments.

“I started to think that other musicians probably have the same problem of just not having the right resources to be able to attain the proper equipment.  I started with just small repairs in my community and now I feel the foundation growing little by little,” commented Ms. Williams.

She added, “I think it’s important for people to be aware of the struggles within the classical music community that are beyond just being technically adequate–like set-up, resources and connections.  And this knowledge is why I started my foundation; to be a resource for people.”

Her biggest influence has always been her mom, who has instilled in her the importance of independence.  When she’s not playing the viola, she enjoys watching Netflix, trying new foods, playing card games, and spending time with her younger brother and sister.

Some of her violist influences include Kim KashkashianTabea Zimmerman and Maxim Rysanov.

“Beyond her musical accomplishments, I was truly impressed with Cameren’s personal statement, which exemplified her character and her commitment to community service.  Cameren is so cool, she has a style all her own, and her heart comes out in everything that she does. She is the inaugural recipient of the award and she truly sets the standard for all future applicants.  I look forward to watching Cameren’s future endeavors,” said Wilshire Quinn Capital CEO Christopher M. Garcia.

About the Wilshire Quinn Scholarship

The Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship is a $10,000 annual award presented to a qualified applicant who embodies leadership in the musical arts via their talents and character.  Funds are used for tuition only and paid directly to the educational institution of the winner.

The application process involves a brief personal statement along with a three-minute musical performance recording. Applications for the 2020 scholarship are due by February 15th, 2020, and the winner will be announced by March 1, 2020.

Visit to learn more information about the award and application process.

About Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc.

Funding for the Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship is provided by Wilshire Quinn Capital Inc. Founded in 2004 by CEO and Chief Investment Officer Christopher M. Garcia, Wilshire Capital oversees the privately held Wilshire Quinn Income Fund, LLC.

As one of the premier portfolio lenders both nationally and particularly in the state of California, Wilshire Quinn Capital is committed to strengthening local communities by supporting the arts with awards such as the Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship.


SOURCE Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc.

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